Alice Odegova

I am a photographer and visual artist currently based in Berlin. I was born in Odessa, Ukrainian and half my family is from Yalta, a small city in Crimea. Throughout my life I have spent my time between the two cities, and consider both of them to be my home. When I was young, my family also lived to Toronto, Canada, where I spent most of my school years. Growing up I got used to moving around and already had a strong passion for travelling, so after graduating Highschool, I moved to England. Since then I have also lived in Australia, Vietnam and now, Germany. Living in so many different places through out my life has definitely effected how I see the world. I am concerned with topics such as human rights, gay rights, and feminism (just to name a few), and this is reflected in my artwork. 

Now I live in Berlin, where I am almost finished with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography. Along side studying, I work at a Fine Art Print manufacturer, where we print and prepare work to be exhibited for the international art market. My own photography consists of experimental analog artwork and documentary work. I specialise in analog photography and archival darkroom printing.


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