Kubics is an association formed by artists and other porfessionals that ofers digital creation,cultural managment and production.We believe there's tons of topics out there that deserve much  more atention there for we wantto tell them in ways that are meaningful and beautiful. Something very important for us is also exploring and experimenting with new technologies andmore conventional outlets and the way they can create unique experiences.

︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ Services

Digital Creation:

Visuals (video/photo/mapping)
Graphic design
Web design
Digital museography
VJ (visual jokey / live visuals ) 

 Cultural Management
& Production:

Project Distribution
Project Production
Artist representation
Event managment and production 

Other Services

Comisions painting and photo
analog photography development (Berlin based)



Dreams of the sea

Join Robin and Triip in a dangerous journey to the sea, where dreams and reality will become one.


Stories (I) can tell

It is important that people can see that there are forms of violence out there that are not evidently physical, yet deeply scarring.

Victimization is a real thing, even if it camouflaged by I-love-yous. Servilism is not natural, but it becomes normal.
Forms of violence that, at a large scale, affect specific groups of people, and at closer sight reveal the gruesome truth that some day-to-day stories can tell.